Halloween Crafts: Part 1

The other day I walked around Michael's Crafts for an hour and a half trying to think of a Halloween project to do. I ended up walking out with a ton of crap, which included 3 terra cotta pots and Halloween colored ribbon and paints. My intention was just to make the pots and spell B O O on each one, but I realized I would never be able to free-hand that. My instantly came up with a better idea... so I went back to the store and bought the wooden dowel and B O O letters.

Here is a picture of the tools you will need. Not included: Spooooooky accessories, Styrofoam and glue.

1. Paint the wooden dowel a color of your choice. Stick it in the styrofoam to dry.

2. Paint the B O O letters. Set aside to dry. 

3. Plan out how your color scheme is going to end up on the pots. I lucked out and didn't have any two colors end up with eachother, but it is something I realized I should have been more aware of from the beginning. 

4. Paint, paint, paint the pots until you've done 2-3 coats. Let dry. 

5. Glue the B O O letters onto the wooden dowels. I used Guerilla glue because I feel like no other glue can live up to it. 

6. Once the pots are dry, glue the sparkly ribbon onto the pot. 

7. Stick the letter-ed dowels into some Styrofoam at the bottom of the pot. 

8. Accessorize!

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