Life Goals

So I've secretly had this blog since 4/27/2008 and have most of my old posts hidden. I was just reading through them and found a really satisfying one that I've decided to re-post. 
This is from 1/1/2009 and is titled "Life Goals":
I hate New Years resolutions because they never work out, but here I go again...
1. Become a morning person & not stay up so late 
2. Take the GMAT: not necessarily apply go grad school, but at least take the test.
3. Go to the gym more often than once every 3 months
4. Move out / buy a house?? (i WISH)
5. Start full time at my job
6. Graduate college!!

I'm hoping now that it's in writing for the whole world to see, I might actually do something about these dreams of mine.

Do you know what's SO satisfying about this?? I met all those goals in 2009!
1. I was forced to become a morning person because by completing goal #5, I was forced to start waking up at 6:30 every morning.
2. Not only did I take the GMAT, but I also started my first semester of Grad School.
3. This is shocking, but I did go through a stage in the first part of 2009 where I worked out a lot right before graduating Undergrad. That didn't last long.
4. Not only did we move out, but we bought a house, which closed on my 21st birthday!
5. As stated in response #1- Done.
6. Graduated with a Bachelor's after 3 years

Ok. So now what?? I have no reason to go back to school, we finished fixing up the house, and honestly I'm not going to become a workout fanatic.

Pinterest = my new OBSESSION! I sit on the couch for hours on my iPad and just Pin, Pin, Pin. I have a whole craft section set up in my garage with supplies and plenty of stuff to craft with. My new goal is to post more about the crafts I do, but I'm not very creative so I'll probably be stealing most ideas from Pinterest.

On another note, the main reason I have this blog is so I can look back on our life years from now (like I did above). I can't live without setting major goals for myself, so here are some that I'm currently working on. I probably won't share with the world when we've reached these, but it's fun for me to keep myself on track!

1. Have car and college loans paid off by age 25
2. Have 6 digits in our savings account by age 25
3. Own a Louis Vuitton and therefore have at least 1 kid by 25 (I've set a rule that I can't have kids until I get a Louie because I know I'll never spend that much on a purse when I have kids)
4. Buy a bigger house by age 30
5. Be part of the highest joint income tax bracket by age 35
6. Own a legitimate business at some point in my life

... Clearly I'm a business major, right?? My goals are all about money and financial stability these days because I know how important that is in the long run. I don't ever want to have to worry about money, so I figured we might as well start early!

In the meantime...

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