Valentine's Day Outfit

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

I had full intention of posting a lot more Valentine’s Day related crafts this week, but I never got around to taking pictures of them. So instead, I’m going to show you my Valentine’s Day outfit. I’ve never done a WIW post before, but thought today would be the perfect opportunity since I’m madly in love with the pieces I’m wearing.
Thug Wife Pullover Sweatshirt ::: Young & Reckless
I'm sort of obsessed with everything on this list. First of all, my Thug Wife sweatshirt. John got it for me for Christmas and I love it so much. It's a hood-less sweatshirt, so I can wear it without looking like a bum. I consider it more along the lines of a sweater. I'm not a big fan of wearing sweatshirts out in public, although that's basically the only thing I wear at home, so this is the perfect happy medium.

Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans ::: Macys
When you walk into my closet, you can't help but notice that I own an entire rainbow of these jeans. I'm a big fan of designer jeans and do understand why it's okay to justify $100+ per pair, but if you aren't into that sort of thing, BUY THESE! Seriously. They go on sale at Macy's a lot and have new colors for every season. They are usually between $20 and $30 per pair and hold up really well. The colors are great too. Trust me, you'll want them all.
Arrow Pendant ::: Tiffany & Co.
This was one of my Christmas presents from John's mom. The one I have is silver, but I can't find it online anymore. Although, I do love the rose gold one. I thought this would be a fun little accessory for V-Day. I'm wearing Cupid's arrow around my neck :) 
3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel :::
Let me just say... Happy Valentine's Day to me!! This was my present this year and I absolutely love it. Not sure if you were aware, but Phillip Lim did a collection for Target and everyone everywhere was going insane for it. At the time, I was watching these women on Instagram buy up multiple bags and re-selling them to people. I didn't even know what this brand was at the time. Good thing, otherwise I probably would have been one of those crazy women as well. I have since learned to love Phillip Lim and now have my own (not Target) version of this beautiful purse!
Tory Burch Flats - Caroline Ballet ::: Bloomingdale's
I've never been a shoe person. Like ever. I used to wear Uggs and Converse every day. A couple years ago I was looking for some camel colored shoes and came across the Tory Burch Reva flat. I bought them, but then hated them and still to this day never wear them because of the weird elastic bunching around the heel. However, that opened me up to the world of Tory Burch and I've collected four pair since then. The Eddie flat and the Caroline Ballet flats are my favorite. I wear a size 10 shoe so when I find a comfortable pair, I usually buy one in every color. At a price tag of $225-$250 per pair, I don't see myself collecting every color of these, but seriously, they are worth every penny. 
Joolz by Martha Calvo Double Knuckle Ring :::
My sister works for and always sends me the coolest jewelry. She just sent me a ring that looks similar to the one I posted, but has diamonds on it. I'm always following in my little sister's footsteps when it comes to fashion, so I've jumped on the multiple ring per hand bandwagon. There's gotta be a better name for that. Anyway, check out Martha Calvo's collection, her Joolz are amazing. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day. My husband and I are going to eat heart shaped pizza and spend the evening cleaning our house in preparation for a baby shower I'm hosting on Saturday. That's what Valentine's Day looks like after 10 years, 7 months and 7 days together. Check out this website to see your own stats.

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