Valentine's Day Wreath

Ever since I had to pack up all of my craft supplies and lock them in storage, I've been really craving some crafting. I went to the craft store and walked around for a while until I settled on this project. Having no supplies accessible right now meant that I needed to find an easy project that required minimal tools.

  1. Multiple colors of tulle. {I got a yard each of four different colors and had some left over.} 
  2. Embroidery hoop
  3. White ribbon
  4. Scissors

Three easy steps:
  1. Prep your embroidery hoop by wrapping it in white ribbon. The reason I did this was so that the wood wouldn't show through the white tulle. 
  2. Then I cut all of my tulle into strips about 10" to 12" long. It's ok if they aren't exact.
  3. Then simply tie the strips of tulle into knots all around the hoop until it is fully covered. They will naturally stick straight out.
I had the wreath hanging up on the front door for a couple of weeks by itself, but knew it needed something else to jazz it up a bit. My Mother-in-Law came home with a great heart ornament from Michael's, so we hung it on the same hook and it was perfect! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This is my favorite holiday of the year because I love seeing stores decked out in my favorite color!

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  1. Super cute, Hilary! I love it when a simple plan comes together. The heart ornament is perfect with that wreath, I have the same one :)


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