January 2013 Photo-a-Day Challenge Recap

Well that month just flew right on by, didn't it? If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these Photo-A-Day pics that I posted. Some of these are never before seen though, so keep on scrolling!

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My great finds at Target and Marshalls. Do you see that chevron contact paper?! 

John took me to San Francisco and stuck with me as I went on a three hour hunt for my new favorite Tory Burch flats. These are seriously the best. 

My adorable dogs stuffed into the little one's purse. Big Mo recently discovered it and has been obsessed ever since. 

This is a picture that my dad sent me from our cabin in Lake Tahoe.

John + caffeine = THIS

I'm seriously obsessed with these blankets. Can you tell?

Sonoma County, CA

Taylor Swift on Storytellers. Loved it!!

We have a little game at our office where we hide this man in really funny places. I recently found him peeking out of the paper towel holder in the bathroom and wrapped up with my secret santa present for Christmas. 

Rain, rain, go away.

The best thing to wake up to. Seriously. 

Looking up at the mall in San Francisco. 

My trusty ice pack that soothes me after tendonitis sends shooting pains through my fingers. 

John and I spying on our competition at our {future} home ;)

I skip the frozen yogurt and go straight for the toppings. 

I pretty much owe everything I have in life to these.
{we sell water meters}

John and I testing out new couches.

Beautiful day in San Francisco!

Standing in the back of a cable car ringing the bell and hanging out with our new cable car driver BFFs. 

Here is the new February Photo-a-Day prompt from fatmumslim.com. Join in!!

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