Pick Your Plum Inspired Birthday Party

If you don't know what Pick Your Plum is, then you might consider me a hoarder. If you do, then you understand why I can throw together a birthday party in a matter of minutes. We threw a little shindig for my friend's birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I decorated our dining room with a dessert and candy bar using Pick Your Plum goodies that I've collected over the past year or so. 

My Happy Birthday banner came in handy again and filled the space on our wall perfectly. It also served as a great backdrop for some pretty amazing pictures. 

I used these popcorn cups (Pick Your Plum of course) for the guests to put their candies and desserts in. 

Everything you see in this picture is from Pick Your Plum except for the glass jar full of disgusting donut holes on the left {those are only there because of an inside joke}.  

I was also able to break out my Pinwheel Candy Tins to decorate the table. 

The birthday girl was very excited when she walked through the door. We had a great night watching videos, taking pictures and having knee scooter races in the middle of the street at 10pm. Sidenote: John recently had ankle surgery so he has gotten really good at crutching. In the time I made my way around the course on his knee scooter, he crutched it in the same amount {and then wiped out at the finish line}!

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