Sunflower Themed Wedding Favors

This is another project I made for a sunflower themed wedding I helped with. The bride bought a bunch of little burlap bags to put sunflowers in and asked me to make tags to put on them. 

I started by designing the label in Silhouette software and then used my Silhouette pens to print them all out. 

Then, without unloading the paper after using the Silhouette pens, replace the pens with a blade and cut borders around the tags. 

I used the offset tool in my software to create a second set of tags to place behind the ones with writing. 

For a quick and easy vintage detail, I brushed some ink around the edges of the tags. 

I used little brads to attach the tags to the bags and they stayed on perfectly!

This was such a fun project because the bride started by sending me a picture and I had to figure out how to replicate it to fit her needs. It really forced me to get creative, which I totally loved!


  1. Hilary! OH my gosh! I am in love with these sunflower wedding favors! I am totally adding this to my DIY folder! Sunflowers are my fave flower and if/when I get married, I totally want a rustic/farm wedding and these would be PERFECT!

  2. What diameter are these brads? Do you remember the brand?


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