Dollar Store Plate Makeover

Here is a quick tutorial on how to makeover glass plates from the Dollar Store. I made this as a cookie platter for a bridal shower. It turned out so cute and it's perfect for all occasions! 


1. Place your plate face down on the back of a piece of scrapbook paper. 
2. Trace with a pencil and cut out a round piece of paper.
3. Cut round piece of paper into pie shapes. Do not cut all the way in. Create another smaller circle in the center of the paper. 
4. Modge Podge the bottom of the plate {not the side you eat on}. Place the paper face down so that the pattern shows through the top. 
5. Place the paper down and coat in Modge Podge to create a seal. 
6. The plate can be used for anything as long as you can wipe off the top. 

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