Cinnamon Toast Cookies

This is kind of a cop out, but if you are ever sitting at home late at night and desperate to bake something, I have the perfect "recipe" for you... cinnamon toast cookies! 

You've made cinnamon toast before, right? Obviously. Well this is pretty much the exact same thing, except on a baking sheet. Here's what I did: 

Bread (preferably sourdough)
Melted butter {spray butter would work too}

Step 1: Cut the crust off your bread. Nobody likes the crust anyway. {or is that just me?}

Step 2: Roll out your pieces of bread to make it feel more doughy. 

Step 3: Cut out shapes using cookie cutters on the thin pieces of bread.
Step 4: Brush on the butter.
Step 5: Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Step 6: I don't really remember the specifics of this step, which is unfortunate because it is the most important one. {classic.} I'm pretty sure I put them in for 375* for a couple of minutes until they started looking toasty. Like 10 minutes maybe? You'll be able to tell because they kind of plump up and look hardened. You could always touch test them every couple of minutes too.

I admit that this may be one of my worst tutorials, but the idea and intention is there! 
Try this yourself, you won't regret it!


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