DIY: Yarn Wreath

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided it was too easy not to try myself. I recently had the urge to take up crocheting, but that lasted like 5 minutes because I have really bad tendonitis in my hand from work and that did not help! 

So anyway, now I'm left with various colors of yarn. We still needed to put some stuff on the walls in our room, so here is what I came up with: 

-Yarn, Duct Tape, Scissors, Pins, Pipe Insulation (or whatever that's called)
-Not shown in the picture below: Scrapbook paper, matching paper and, of course, Gorilla Glue

Step 1: Cut your insulation to the size you want and form a circle, then duct tape it.
Step 2: Start the wreath by putting a small pin through the piece of yarn. I cut out 6' strands of yarn so that each color was evenly spaced.
Step 3: (not shown below) When one color is done, stick a pin through both the end of one color and the beginning of the next. Leave a little bit of slack so that the end of the yarn doesn't fray and come undone.

Step 4: When you've got all the string on, the back of the wreath should look like this. Don't worry, this is the back so none of the string transitions will show. 

Step 5: Decorate! I cut the white piece of paper out on my Silhouette and used it as a stencil for some fabric. I know I could have cut the fabric in my Silhouette as well, but I'm not that much of a pro yet! I used lots of Gorilla Glue to make sure everything stayed together.

This is a view of underneath the final flowers. I glued another button on the bottom of each, then glued the button to the yarn so that there would be a solid point of contact. 

Here is the final product again. Currently this is just a picture of it laying on my dresser, but some day when I post pics of our final master bedroom, you'll see that it matches the decor really really well!


  1. This looks so awesome! Did you tie the ends together or just leave in the pins?

  2. I left in the pins. I started to tie at first and then realized I'd rather just waste a few extra pins instead!


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