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If you have a Pinterest, you've seen this project. I think every girl has this re-pinned on one of her boards. So naturally, I decided to take it on myself. I made this for my sister as one of her birthday presents. I also got her an iPhone 4S just in case this didn't turn out as well as I hoped :) 

I started out with this really old frame that my Mom had from my Great Grandma. You can't really tell, but the outside of the frame was an ugly off-white color and there is some sort of cloth material that makes it look like matting around the picture. 

My first step was to paint the frame colors that would match my sister's room. I chose a soft gold color and painted the matting part white. I also made the mistake of not priming or sanding down the original frame so it took a million coats to get it all covered. 

The second step was to get a piece of plywood that fit perfectly into the frame. This is where my Husband came in handy. Not because he did any physical labor for me, but because he went to Home Depot and had someone else do it. Classic. Anyway, the piece of plywood was just a couple millimeters off so I had to sand down the sides to get it to fit perfectly. 

I forgot to take pictures between this next step and the final product, but I'll try to describe it as much as possible. I could not find any sheet metal in the size I needed and Home Depot didn't have the ability to cut it down for me. The only option they had were these little 4" x 6" sheets of metal. So I bought 8 sheets of metal and attached them to the plywood with Gorilla Glue. (I literally use Gorilla Glue for everything.) 

Note: Don't use too much glue! When it dried, the glue dripped and expanded from the edges. I had to sand down the globs of glue. Also, if you notice I don't have the metal sheets covering the margin on the left side of the board. If your frame is an odd size, pre-determine where you don't think a magnet will be necessary and make sure to place the sheets around those spots. 

Once all the Gorilla Glue was dry (and after a couple weeks of stalling), I covered it in fabric. I folded a piece of fabric in half to make sure it was thick enough to cover all the seams caused by the metal sheets. Just make sure your magnets are strong enough to stick through two pieces of fabric.

Now here is the part I didn't take pictures of. This board is attached to the frame using little metal brackets. I used one on each corner, then one in the middle on each side. Make sure you get really short nails just in case the nails that come in the pack with these brackets are too long. You don't want them to nail through the front of your board and poke a nail in your fabric. That would be a catastrophe!

For the category name plates I used these small wooden plaques that I found at the craft store and painted them with this Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot. This is the same paint I used on the frame. The letters were just stickers that I got at Michael's.

To make the "Beauty Board" sign, I started with a piece of thin cardboard. The pink glitter is actually wrapping paper I got from Michael's. I used glue tape to attach the paper to the cardboard. I put the pink stickers on kind of side ways by accident, so I cut a piece of doily out to put in the corner, which made it look straighter. I clearly didn't take many pictures of this step.

For the tool cup, I spray painted a can white, then wrapped it in wrapping paper. To make everything stick, I originally used Zots so that the magnets could come off when the makeup ran out, but eventually they lost their strength and the makeup fell off. Naturally, my next option was to use Gorilla Glue to attach the magnets to the makeup.

Here is the final product again!

And here is my dog posing with it...

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  1. It looks fabulous!! I also pinned this and need to stop procrastinating and make it!! Thanks for linking up to the Pinterest Challenge. I love your blog!


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