Backyard Makeover

When we moved in almost two years ago, this is what the view from our kitchen looked like. Obviously, that wasn't the most attractive view, so John got to work on re-doing the patio in our backyard. He did it once last year and just laid bricks down, but decided to re-do it correctly this year. 



In process, being done the correct way:


What a great husband I have, he found me pink sand for our fire pit!!

We also came across these little gems at Target that we just couldn't pass up :)

Here are John and Modok during our first fire pit experience.

 Casey, Fifi and I hudled by the fire.

Here is my trusty pink hose that is to be on at all times while a flame is burning (I'm scared of fire).

So here is proof that we used our {unfortunately expensive} World Market outside lounging area at least one time. I think we may have used it twice all summer, but at least it looks really cute!!

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