"Bachelorette Party"

For some reason I can't get myself to update this blog as much as I should. I think it is because I am overwhelmed with the amount of blogs I intended to write about summer events. So, my goal is to write a whole bunch of blogs in a row and get caught up so I can update within a week of events happening!

I put "Bachelorette Party" in quotes, because we didn't go wild and crazy, but we definitely had a blast. Here's the story:

A long time ago (early June) my BFF surprised me by picking me up from work and drove us to the Oakland Airport, where my sister had flown in from Long Beach. They then surprised me by driving to the Union Square Hilton in SF where we stayed over night and played in the city. Here are pictures to tell the rest of the story.

Oh yeah, and it was Tiffany themed :) 

With my BFF, Michelle, outside on our balcony. 

My sister and I in Japan town.  

Michelle, Cori and I at Benihana. 

Shopping in Union Square

Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Union Square

Then we saw the movie Bridesmaids at the Metreon.

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