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I often run into things that I want the whole world to know about so I've decided to start discussing them here because I feel like it's my duty to share the joy that each one of these things brings me!

Currently watching... The Americans
SERIOUSLY THOUGH. I started watching the first 3 seasons on Amazon Prime, then I caught up using Comcast On Demand to get current with season 4. If you're looking for one of those "don't get off the couch and waste your entire weekend away" shows... this is it.

Currently reading... Studio DIY 
I've been following Kelly's Instagram for a while, which lead me to her Snapchat, which lead me to discovering her blog. She is so adorable and every project she makes and picture she posts is just amazing. Talk about total #lifegoals!

Currently wearing... Motherhood Maternity Nursing Cami
Now that I'm 4 weeks into this whole "mom" thing, I can honestly say that this cami is one of the greatest gifts ever given to me (ok, that's not totally true, but close). Since I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I went into labor with visions of wearing yoga pants and a button down flannel every day. I was going to be so stylish after giving birth. Well yeah freaking right! Yoga pants just weren't happening and I definitely needed more support than a flannel shirt, if you know what I mean. My mom went to the mall and bought me this nursing cami while I was still in the hospital. That was the first time in 3 days that I felt comfortable enough to take off that gigantic hospital robe. As soon as I got home, I bought 4 more. Seeing as I sometimes go through 2-3 a day, I should probably invest in more while they're on sale!

Currently listening to... Brooke White
I also discovered Brooke White via Instagram and totally fell in love with her music. Her newest album, Never Grow Up, is my favorite. Being a new mom, I can now relate to so many of these songs. Reed has probably heard this album 25 times already in his short little life. I also love her because she's 1/2 of The Girls With Glasses, which is also something worth checking out!

Currently purchasing... Baby Boy Bakery "Baby Journal"
I've been following Jacqui's story since her son passed away in 2014. Such a sad story that captivated thousands of people. She has since started a few projects such as a monthly cooking box and a baby journal. I'm so glad I bought the baby journal before Reed was born. It reminds me to capture precious memories that I will probably forget about in the future. The book also makes a great baby shower gift!

Currently obsessed with... my adorable child.
I literally can't get enough of him. I'm currently laying in bed as he is sprawled out perpendicular to me on my chest. My favorite moments are when he has just finished eating and he's so milk drunk that he just falls asleep on my chest. I hope I never forget what this newborn stage feels like. I miss it already and we're only 4 weeks in!

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