Hawaiian Babymoon

John and I were lucky enough to sneak off to Maui for a couple of days for our babymoon before Thanksgiving. Two things we learned on this trip: 1) After having gone to Mexico already 3 times together, we much prefer Hawaii. Same language, shorter trip, less culture shock. Our kind of place! 2. We are homebodies and overall busy people, so we aren't huge on the idea of going on week-long vacations.

We got there early on a Friday, and came home late on Tuesday. Due to the time difference, that gave us about 4+ days to enjoy our time away, which was perfect for us.

To his surprise, one of the first things we discovered when we arrived at our hotel was that it was one of the host hotels for the Maui Invitational basketball tournament that was happening down the street. We swooped up tickets to a game first thing and managed to sit courtside, which both him and baby loved. 

Our options for entertainment were limited due to me being pregnant, so we had to get creative when it came to planning activities. We hunted down a local flea market, which John was dreading, but actually turned out to be really cool. And by cool, I mean scorching hot, so of course we had to get authentic Hawaiian shaved ice to cool us down! 

We visited the Maui Aquarium one day, which was perfect because it was overcast and raining that day so it gave us something to do inside. For two adults who aren't totally into sea animals, I probably wouldn't recommend this as a "must do" activity, but if you're looking for something to kill time with, it's worth a trip. 

We walked through Lahaina a couple times, stopping at different shops and restaurants along the way. John was on a mission to find me a whale sweatshirt, which was funny at the time when I was only 24 weeks pregnant. That week was the first time my bump was noticeable to anyone who didn't know. I was so excited! 

We went down to the beach and took some maternity pictures one morning. I had a photographer booked to take them of us, but the weather wasn't cooperating so I had to make the painful last minute decision to cancel her. I was so sad, so John did his best to make up for it. Although he isn't in the pictures, I really like how they turned out. This is also how we announced Reed's name to the world of Facebook.

I'm so happy we were able to sneak away for a nice relaxing trip before baby. Since I'm married to a big kid already, with a little boy joining our family, I'm expecting our vacations will be located in Anaheim, CA for the foreseeable future!

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  1. It looks truly amazing. You used some unique ideas for name announcement. I liked it a lot. Last year we decided to celebrate our anniversary at a venue Houston but we couldn’t do it. Trying to make it up this year.


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