Bangles, Bling & Arm Candy

I've been obsessing over bangles and arm candy lately. I recently discovered Kate Spade's hinged bangles, which I absolutely love because they can be more fitted to your wrists than standard round bangles.

Here are some examples of the bangle configurations I came up with out of my jewelry box: Juicy Couture gold and teal bangles, Burberry watch w/ silver Tiffany & Co. cuff, Marc Jacobs chain link mixed with different bold bracelets, Michael Kors watch with Kate Spade hinged bangles.
If I could go on a jewelry shopping spree right now, this is what would be in my cart: 

(I want this more than anything... it's only $5,500+ tax!)

Sorry if I just caused you to go spend a ton of money. I was just too in love with all of this not to share :)

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