Graduation & The Month of May

At the end of May, John and I got our Master's Degrees from Sonoma State University! John got a Master's in History and I got a Master's in Business Administration.

I must admit that John had to work a lot harder than I did to get his degree because his program required a Master's Thesis. The title of his paper was: Smashing Thru! The Story of Captain America, Comic Books, and the Evolution of American Youth (1938-1970). He began his research during his Undergraduate work, but really got into it during the past two years of Grad School. I'm soo proud of him and his hard work on the 172 page final outcome.

We recently got new carpet so we had to move his library downstairs. Here is a picture of all of his "research" books (aka comic books).

I surprised John and flew his dad in from Oregon to watch his Thesis Defense. Here they are afterwards at the airport.

This is us on graduation day, and of course Casey made it into all the pics:

Then we had a graduation party at our house... (not shown in these pictures are the 25 other people who were at our party!)

... and played lots of Wii on our new 60" TV that John picked up for me at Best Buy when I went home sick from work the week before :)

Final picture to round out the fabulous month of May: John got a 2011 Toyota Highlander!

May was a pretty busy month, but nothing compared to the month of June. More to follow...

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