Wedding: Invitations

I don't mean to spill all the surprise details of my wedding on this blog, but I just had to take a picture of these. John and I are so proud! We designed all the formatting ourselves, then found double layered white card stock with a silver layer. Then we cut out a whole bunch of rectangles from pink shimmery card stock and used some roll-out double sided sticky tape to attach them. They were exactly what I was picturing, I'm so happy :)

Since I'm on this subject, I think I'll take this time to explain that a lot of people who should be invited to our wedding, unfortunately won't be. It's a really touchy subject for me because of how many important people I have to leave out of our special day, but in the long run I don't really have a choice. If anyone has ever planned a wedding, you know how quickly it adds up and the number one way to maintain a budget is to stick to a certain guest count. With the package we have at our venue, we are limited to 100 people and that pretty much accounts for strictly our family members (John has a HUGE family) and just a few close friends. If we invite even a couple people over our allotted guest count, our fees go up about $8,000 on top of what we're already paying... and that's how I'm justifying leaving people out. So hopefully people understand and I'll try to include them in pre-wedding-related events.

76 days!

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