gettin' hitched.

So, we've been engaged for over 365 days now and we haven't gotten very far on this whole wedding planning thing. We are getting married at the Mark West Lodge in Santa Rosa on 7.1.11.

... and that's about all we've got so far. Here is a look at what I want to incorporate into our wedding:

1) We're definitely having cupcakes and, for those of you who don't know, John has an obsession with comic books, soooo.....

2) Luckily our venue has my dream gold chiavari chairs for our reception. This is a picture of what my perfect centerpiece would look like.

3) Aren't these fun?

4) Adorb.

5) I'm sooo excited about our pink candy bar!

6) Last, but not least. I'm buying these.


  1. I am OBSESSED!!! Such a nice layout, and I can not wait until the wedding. I am SO excited. You will finally officially be my sister.

  2. I know, I felt that if more eyes were watching my wedding planning process, I may actually do something about it. But yeah, we could have a reality show called "Sista Sista" and it would be legggittt cuz I'll be your sister!! Make a blog- all the cool kids are doing it!

  3. OMG that was my number 4 on a list of top ten favorite TV shows of the 90's. Maybe you can start candidly taping me singing and dancing while doing the dishes again and we will make an episode with your reaction!!! I can see it now, I KNEW a reality show was in my future.

  4. hahahaha you are too funny. everything looks FAB! my only comment (although it doesnt matter because you are the bride!), i'm thinking you might look back on the fake blinger napkin rings and wonder why they werent at your bachelorette or bridal shower instead. oooo that could be your shower theme!: BLING!


  5. p.s. my fake wedding ID is Lily McBride. :0)

    <3 Kirsten

  6. Belated Congratulations!!!
    If you need any help Hilary let me know. I would be happy to help!


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