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Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table

Hey strangers! I haven't been blogging very much lately, mainly because I'm either asleep on the couch or glued to the TV watching Orphan Black. {My real job has really sucked the energy from me lately.} Even though I haven't put much effort into showing off my projects, I have definitely accomplished a lot in the past few months. 

My favorite little coffee table has been making quite the splash in our living room this summer. Everyone is so intrigued by this Pottery Barn table that I got second-hand. I love going through the creative process to come up with things to put inside of it.

I considered making a 4th of July themed table for the month of June, but realized that would require too much effort, so I just stuck with a nautical theme. I figured that can at least get me through September before I need to change it out for the holidays. 

Most of the items in here are from Home Goods. A lot of the shells/sticks/balls were from a pack of potpourri that I just separated to look like individual items. The larger orbs are sold in 3-packs separately. The glass bottles are my favorite touch; I bought these from Pick Your Plum a while ago and have been hoarding them ever since. You know, just in case I needed to throw a nautical/pirate/fairy [dust] party. Because I do that so often.

A similar version of this coffee table is on sale at Pottery Barn right now. Only $599! HA. Yeah right. I paid $80 for mine. Make sure to check your local Craigslist or see if you can DIY it before paying the big bucks. 

Click to check out my Christmas & Valentine's Day day themed tables. So much fun!

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Trending: Vinyl Wall Decals

I can't help but notice that there are images all over Pinterest of people decorating their wall using vinyl decals. I am so intrigued by this idea, but I can't decide what shape I'd use or where I would put it. On the plus side, I'm very capable of making these decals on my own, which means I need to make a decision and DO IT before the trend passes! I've gathered up some inspiration from some very trendy ladies. It is truly amazing how many different looks you can get using this technique.

Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table: Valentine's Day

Remember my Pottery Barn Townsend coffee table I decorated for Christmas? Well a new holiday means new decor! I took down all of my X-mas decorations on 12/26, but wasn't quite ready to break out all of the pink quite yet. This meant that my house looked like a pure white skeleton for a couple of weeks.

Friday Favorites: Mirrored Furniture

Today I'm crushing on mirrored furniture. Seriously? How classy. Not everyone's decor works with this style, but I still think everyone deserves even a small piece. I recently started my collection with that Target side table you see in the bottom right of the picture above. Target had it on clearance for $23.00! I had to have it. I also got a mirrored jewelry box on clearance for less than $10. Mirrored furniture can get pretty pricey, so it is important to shop around to confirm that you are making the best decision. 

Dollar Spot Diaries: Valentine's Day Pom Pom Garland

As I discussed last week, I have a major addiction to the dollar section at Target. I started a new series called "Dollar Spot Diaries" where I plan to force myself into using the things I buy from there. Today I'm going to show you a ridiculously easy craft. This is more of just an easy craft though. It means that I actually did something with my purchase and I don't just have a bag of pom poms sitting in a drawer now. Go me!

Meet Chad 5

Meet Chad 5. 
Chad 5 is the newest addition to our family and I just absolutely adore him. He doesn't make messes, he keeps our dogs company and he's looks so elegant in our house. What a perfect fit! Chad 5 came to us on Christmas thanks to my dear {pun intended} brother in law who bought him at Z Gallerie. He is made of a very detailed white resin and hangs on the wall with ease.

Top 10 favorite projects in 2013

Before I can officially move on to 2014, I wanted to do a recap of my 10 favorite projects in 2013. From DIY home furnishings and decor to refurbishing old furniture, I'm proud to say that we accomplished a lot this year. 

Let's take a look back to see some of my favorite projects... 
1. We managed to build a farmhouse table with corresponding benches this year. Large project, but amazing results. 
2. Amazingly enough, not only did I complete this project, but I actually pulled it off. This repurposed credenza tutorial brightened up our master bedroom and brought over a lot of traffic from Pinterest for me this year.
3. These Dollar Store serving trays were a huge hit at my Sister-in-Law's bridal shower. Perfect for her mini-food and rainbow themed party... and cheap too!
4. I started posting themed Friday Favorites this year. My mason jar meal roundup was one of the most popular.
5. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if you're a crafter and own tons of vinyl, then this post benefited you. It was sort of genius, in my opinion.
6. After I discovered that Home Depot sells sheets of chalkboard, I brought home a large piece and used crown molding to create this framed chalkboard for my craft room. I'll let you in on a little secret. I still have never written on it. I'm terrible at writing with chalk, but it sure looks pretty. 
7. John designed and built this coffee table with interchangeable top for our new house earlier this year. Whenever I have a really long list of expectations for one piece of furniture, he usually ends up building it. This table fits perfect into the L shape of our couch and allows me to change out the top design whenever I want. I had high hopes of changing this out for the holidays, but I never got around to it. Classic Hilary.
8. This was the summer of mason jars and lemonade at my house. This wasn't the most unique or complicated recipe, but dang is this sweet strawberry lemonade good.
9. Some of my first "sewing" projects on the blog this year were these pillows made using napkins. Once I realized how easy this was, I started feeling napkins at stores to see if they are double sided. Heaven forbid I sew all four sides of a square cloth together. 
10. What's the first thing you do when you get a new house? You put liner in all of your kitchen cabinets. Or if you're like me, you turn it into a ridiculously large project and you can't unpack anything for a week until it's done. 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest this year, so I'm excited to see what kind of projects 2014 will bring us!
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Holiday Home Tour

Merry Christmas everybody! Today is the big day and I don't think I could be more excited. This is our first Christmas in our new house, which meant I got to start fresh with all of my holiday decor. Every room brought new challenges, different themes and, of course, more glitter. I've never done a home tour before, mainly because we just bought our house nine months ago so it has never felt complete enough to show you. Today is the day though, let's take a peek inside...

Pottery Barn Townsend Coffee Table

I'm so happy to report that we finally have a coffee table in our living room. I haven't really talked about this on the blog yet, but our formal living room has been coffee table-less for about 8 months. It never quite looked complete in there. It was a real issue that stressed me out on the daily.
Talk about #firstworldproblems.

Christmas Craft Fair

One of my goals for this year was to sign up for a craft fair. It was something I knew would take a lot of time, effort, and guts. {What if no one buys anything!}

Friday Favorites: Orbs & Spheres

Orb, you say? 
(If you haven't already caught onto this trend, go hide your wallet now. Then, come back and drool over how amazing the following items are.)

There is a new shape in town, people. 
Out with the chevrons (never!), in with the orbs. 

The Friendsgiving Tradition

It's that time of year where we gather around for the holidays, eat way too much food, throw elaborate parties and spend time with family and friends. I love the change in whether, the Christmas music and all of the festive decorations in stores. I'm partnering with Target today to tell you about one of my favorite holiday traditions... Friendsgiving. My family has a longstanding tradition of gathering at my Grandparent's house in San Luis Obispo for Thanksgiving. I look forward to that time with my family every year. However, since we are always on vacation for Thanksgiving, I decided to throw a Friendsgiving + Hanukkah dinner party this year.  If you weren't aware, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day this year. I'll be posting Thanksgivukkah ideas throughout the week here on my blog. 

DIY Halloween Decorations

I am going to start this by saying that I CANNOT believe that it is Halloween already. Where did this month year go?! I had so many big things planned for my blog this month, but then life got in the way. I'm going to nominate October as my favorite month of the year so far. 
Lots to share with you!

Be Yourself, Together.

I'm so excited to announce that I am partnering with Target for their Target Wedding campaign. Of course, just like everyone else, I am obsessed with Target. I make at least one trip a week there and search every section for new products while dreaming of purchasing everything I want for our house. Even though I am already married, it was so fun for me to create my dream Target Wedding registry. 

DIY Coffee Table with Interchangeable Tabletop

You guys. I'm really excited about this. Let's start with the fact that you can change out the tabletop for any occasion. That's just fabric under the glass, so it's super easy to switch out whenever you feel like it! 

Repurposed Credenza Tutorial

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but as I reveal more pictures of my house, it is becoming apparent that white is by far my favorite decorating color. White on white on white. We bought this credenza from World Market for our old house. It used to be a dark brown wood color {see below}. Great at the time, but not so much anymore. Our new house has a built in TV nook, so we repurposed this into a piece of furniture for our master bedroom. 

DIY Farmhouse Table Benches

Did you see those amazing benches in my DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table post? Since I wasn't willing to take on the tutorial for the table, I decided to write up a tutorial for the benches. Once you get the first one down, the rest are cake. We made 6 total, but only used 4 for the table. These sit two people each (especially when 2 are pushed together). 

DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Have you ever been in the market for a dining room table? If you have, you know how expensive this vital piece of furniture can be. Not only do you have to buy the table, but individual matching chairs as well!

We have a rather long space to fill in our dining room, so it was hard to find the perfect table. Plus, I wanted to be able to seat a lot of people and the idea of buying 10 chairs was overwhelming to me.

Obvious answer... DIY.

Friday Favorites: Antique Furniture

Thanks to Pinterest, my new favorite thing is antique furniture. My husband is not as thrilled with this new hobby as I am. His grandparents were getting rid of some old furniture, so I was lucky enough to grab these awesome pieces: 

This thing is everything I ever dreamed of. I don't even know what it's called. You can lift up the top and underneath is a record player, cassette player, radio and set of microphones. There are tube speakers underneath that sound so old school. My plan with this is to paint it a bright glossy white, then remove the top and replace it with a thick piece of glass so that you can look down into it. I'm so excited about this project, but I have a feeling it will take me a while to complete!

Mirror pictures are so awkward, don't you think? Look how amazing the shape of this mirror is! Again, my plan with this is a glossy white. I'm so excited to turn this vintage mirror into bright modern wall decor. 

Ok, this is kind of a stretch, I know
However, I can't wait to hear the sweet words "you were right" when I'm done with this project. My husband really isn't thrilled with having these in our garage at all {& I don't blame him}. I'm hoping Pinterest will teach me how to upholster like a pro. Glossy white chairs with a bright modern fabric? To. die. for. Just you see. 

Hopefully I'll be posting some before and after pics soon. I'm not sure that I have a choice since my husband will want his garage back sooner than later!

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