Custom Watercolor Wall Art

As I mentioned in Reed's nursery tour, we really wanted to create our own artwork for the room. John is a great artist and I have the ability to create almost anything using my Silhouette, so we worked together to come up with this amazing wall art that we were both able to contribute to equally.

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I often run into things that I want the whole world to know about so I've decided to start discussing them here because I feel like it's my duty to share the joy that each one of these things brings me!

Daddy Doodles: Week 1

You know how you spend hours pinning ideas on Pinterest and they usually never come to fruition? That definitely happened with most every maternity & newborn picture idea I pinned. It's actually a huge let down because I can't go back and recreate them, but, you know... life. 

Pictures are so important to me, so I had to make sure weekly mugshots were taken of our baby boy. Every Friday we throw down a white sheet in the living room, strip the kid down and torture him by running around the room making funny noises and faces until he turns his head towards the camera while keeping the rest of his limbs still long enough to get a good picture. Quite a task! 

Naturally, I end up with about 1,000 pictures to choose from. Then I send a select few each week to Daddy and he gets to work on his doodles. He free-hands these doodles using his Wacom tablet and pen to draw into Photoshop. Our plan is to get these printed into a book at the end of year 1 so that Reed can look back on all of the silly pictures his Daddy doodled! 

Here are Daddy's doodles from week one:  


Let's just say, I hope Reed inherited his Daddy's drawing skills. I love the detail and creativity that goes into each one of these! John really enjoys making these, so if you're interested in having him make one for you, email me

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Reed's Nursery Tour

Welcome, baby!

Our darling little Reed Otto Richards, was born on March 11, 2016 at 3:10am. Weighing in at 8lbs. 10oz, 21.5".  Right on schedule, just like mommy likes it! (He was due 3.10.16)