Today's post is all about presentation. Do you ever get more wrapped up in the presentation of something than you do with giving the actual gift? I feel like that happens to me a lot. I just love cute things so much.

I was thinking the other day about how if I were a mom, I would spoil the crap out of my kid's fellow students (I know that's easy for me to say now). So then I came up with this little project, strictly based on cute presentation. I figure baked goods are always a cheap and thoughtful thing to hand out to people, so I realized that even if I'm just handing someone a single cookie, I could distract them with cute packaging and it would be a lot more meaningful. 

So here's the plan: 

1. Bake a batch of medium to large sized cookies.
2. Put them into cute treat bags.
3. Fold the top of the bags over and punch two holes into them. 
4. Tie some twine through. 
5. Slap a cute label on. 

But first, procure the supplies:

Bags & Twine
I got these bags & twine, in many colors, from Pick Your Plum. If they aren't available on that site when you need them, you can also find the bags here and twine here.

I found these Avery round kraft labels on Amazon for only 10 bucks for 225 labels. That's a lot of treat bags! I downloaded the free template, downloaded some free fonts from dafont.com & printed them out. The hardest part of this was trying to think of something witty to write on the labels.

Now go wow the socks off of your fellow room moms or co-workers.

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Now that I'm married to a teacher, I'm always thinking of cheap gifts he could give to his colleagues {ok fine, something I can give his colleagues}. I have been hoarding these black & white striped boxes for a while now, originally purchased from Pick Your Plum. I designed and printed off some labels, slapped them onto some boxes and intend to fill them with homemade cookies. 

Similar Boxes: Black Striped Favor Box

How cute are these Halloween Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies? We'll see how well I can pull these off...

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Is it bad that I decorated my house for Halloween on September 14th? Eek, yeah, that's bad. 

Since decorating was out of the way, I got a bug up my butt (pun intended) a few weekends ago and pulled every single black, green, orange & purple item out of every drawer in my craft room. 

Sometimes I need to accomplish one really simple project to get my creative juices flowing. This is definitely the project for that. Literally, just cut the ring part off of plastic spider rings and hot glue them to paper straws. You can use them as either straws or stir sticks. If you intend to use them as straws, leave room for lips at the top above the spiders. 

If you don't have the tools already, here are some low cost alternatives:  

Aaaannnnddd that's that. 

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