Dr. Seuss Crafts for the Classroom

Dr. Seuss's birthday is coming up this weekend on March 2nd. Most classrooms will be celebrating National Read Across America Day on Monday, so even though I don't have kids and really no reason to do any Dr. Seuss crafts, I'm still very inspired by all of it. What I do have though, is a bestie who is a first grade teacher, which means I'm going to live vicariously through her and show you some of my favorite Dr. Seuss crafts that can either be used in a classroom or at home to educate young children. 

Rainbow Baby Shower Decorations

Today I am thrilled to share pictures of a baby shower I hosted a couple of weeks ago. My sister-in-law is having a baby next month, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to throw her a shower. I love decorating for parties, but don't have many opportunities to do so, so I tend to take advantage of her life achievements to fulfill my dreams.

Welcome to my home! I saw this umbrella idea on Pinterest and just had to use it. I bought the clear bubble umbrellas from Bed, Bath & Beyond and hung them using eye hooks and clear fishing line. Unfortunately, it was windy and rainy all day so this didn't last very long. Take my advice and fill your balloons with something to weigh them down before blowing them up. I would recommend marbles or pennies. For some reason my husband wouldn't listen to my advice, hence, the balloons that were floating around my street all day. #listentoyourwife #MeasureOnceCutTwice

This candy bar was almost the death of me. I had it set up in our house for close two weeks before the party. Let's just say that I had to replace one or more of those jars multiple times. I'll go into the detail in a later post. This was the first legit candy bar I've made so I had fun figuring out the best way to create it.


Currently, I'm watching The Bachelor.
I've never been into this show because I usually get sick of it after the second episode. My neighbors were doing a draft so I decided to join in. I haven't watched every episode because John usually walks in and makes me turn it off, but I am happy to report that my girl Renee is still in the running! 

Currently, I'm really excited about my Big Fat Check.
You guys, I'm telling you. Join Ebates.com! You literally get a check back for basically everything you purchase online. That is a check that got sent to me for $81.43. Just click on the website through Ebates and you automatically make money.

Currently, I'm dying over this picture of Big Mo.
I use this app called Timehop that sends me snapshots of what my life looked like that day during different years. This picture of baby Mo popped up the other day and I just about died. Look at him now, four years later! Big fat fatty.

Currently, I wish I was eating homemade pizza. 
John has started a tradition of making me heart pizza on Valentine's Day. None of that Papa Murphy's stuff. He gets my favorite ingredients and places the pepperoni into cute shapes.

Currently, I'm crushing on the new Kardashian Kids collection. I'm basically obsessed with all things Kardashian as it is, so this just makes them that much better. My niece will be born in April, I'm so excited to dress her up!

Speaking of the Kardashians...
Have you seen the pictures that were released of Kourtney's house?? SWOON. Then I find out she did all that work and is now selling it? I wish. See it here.

Currently, I feel like a huge slacker. 
I have spent so many hours on Pinterest and zero hours being productive over the past few weeks. Since I basically missed all Valentine's Day crafting opportunities, I'm determined to at least post a few St. Patty's day crafts. Believe it when you see it. In the meantime, follow me on Pinterest. I promise to keep you entertained.  

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My husband is currently in the process of getting his credential to become a high school History and English teacher. He spends a ton of time creating fun and engaging lesson plans for his students. If John wasn't the "cool" teacher already, I think this will definitely secure his title.

John plays FDR and our friend Jonathan (in the sweet tux) plays Winston Churchill. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Outfit

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

I had full intention of posting a lot more Valentine’s Day related crafts this week, but I never got around to taking pictures of them. So instead, I’m going to show you my Valentine’s Day outfit. I’ve never done a WIW post before, but thought today would be the perfect opportunity since I’m madly in love with the pieces I’m wearing.

Light Pink Kitchen Accessories

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd show you a quick round-up of my favorite kitchen appliances. Yes I own all of these items and yes, they are all pink. Luckily, I have a husband who doesn't mind the color pink and actually prefers it in some cases. I started collecting my pink kitchen appliance collection long before we moved out of our parents' houses. I'm the kind of girl who asked for a Kitchenaid Mixer (#9) for my 21st birthday. Someday I plan on putting white polka dots on it. How cute would that be? 

10 Taylor Swift Songs That Don't End With A Breakup

Taylor is my girl. She always has been, always will be no matter how old I get. My only problem with her is that I have a real hard time relating to her songs. Don't get me wrong. I love them, own all of them and have every single one memorized, but most of her love songs don't mean anything to me. 

History Pun Valentines

My husband is in the process of becoming a history teacher. He doing his student teaching right now with a bunch of high schoolers and if you've ever met him, you'll know he is one of those cool teachers. So of course, he wanted to pass out Valentines to his kids. Do you know how hard it is to find teacher-to-student appropriate Valentines? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they don't exist. 

$25 Target Gift Card Giveaway

This post is in partnership with Target, however, all opinions and content are my own. Follow along with #TargetWedding.
During this time four years ago, I was newly engaged and starting to jump into the world of wedding planning. We had just bought a house, we were both starting the second semester our Master's degrees and both working full time. And on top of that? I didn't know Pinterest existed. Oh yeah, I had just turned 21 too. Yeesh. 


I was doing really well and posting often for the first part of this month. Then? It slowed down and came to a screeching halt. Why? Because I have a real life. In reality, I don't craft every day. It's actually more like I have a marathon craft day and then I don't go into my craft room for another two weeks. Here's why: The water meter business is really good right now, which has resulted in me working at least 9 to 11 hours every day for the past week. The week before that I was at a conference in Arizona. So now that January has flown by, let's move on to February.