Friday Favorites: Orbs & Spheres

Orb, you say? 
(If you haven't already caught onto this trend, go hide your wallet now. Then, come back and drool over how amazing the following items are.)

There is a new shape in town, people. 
Out with the chevrons (never!), in with the orbs. 

Black Friday: Target Deals & Coupons

This post is brought to you by Target, but all opinions and content are my own.
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I can't believe Black Friday is coming up so soon. In 2 or 3 days (depending on how hardcore you are), hoards of people will attack local stores and make a bee line for the best Day-After-Thanksgiving deals. Since I am always on vacation in San Luis Obispo for Thanksgiving week, my cousin and I have started a tradition of going to at least one store on Black Friday-eve. We don't necessarily go with any specific item in mind, we mainly go for the experience. This year we're going to bundle up and head out to Target. 

Thanksgivukkah Recipes

As I discussed earlier this week, we celebrated Friendsgiving this year, but with a twist. Since Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day, my friends and I went all out and served a crossover Thanksgivukkah meal. 

Thanksgivukkah Dinner & Decorations

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, but we can't forget about Thanksgiving first. I will admit that I started listening to Christmas music weeks ago, but I limit myself to only that. Until November 28th, I'm all about Thanksgiving. I'm sure you've heard that there is something very special about November 28, 2013... Thanksgiving & Hanukkah!! For the first time since 1888, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day. Since it won't happen again in our lifetime (or for another 79,000 years after that), my friends and I took this holiday very seriously and planned the ultimate Thanksgivukkah dinner party.

The Friendsgiving Tradition

It's that time of year where we gather around for the holidays, eat way too much food, throw elaborate parties and spend time with family and friends. I love the change in whether, the Christmas music and all of the festive decorations in stores. I'm partnering with Target today to tell you about one of my favorite holiday traditions... Friendsgiving. My family has a longstanding tradition of gathering at my Grandparent's house in San Luis Obispo for Thanksgiving. I look forward to that time with my family every year. However, since we are always on vacation for Thanksgiving, I decided to throw a Friendsgiving + Hanukkah dinner party this year.  If you weren't aware, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day this year. I'll be posting Thanksgivukkah ideas throughout the week here on my blog.