No Spendtember: Debt Free at 23

I'll start this post off by saying that I am no expert. I really have no fool proof method, but I'm going to throw some tips out there that worked for us, so maybe they can help you. I'm approaching my 25th birthday (20 days!) and cannot explain how great this past year has been without any debt.

Here are my tips on how we became debt free by age 23:

No-Sew Fabric Bunting in Less Than 10 Minutes

I'm going to show you a really easy craft today. See this amazing fabric bunting? I found a shortcut that makes this so easy to make. 

DIY Classroom Crafts

I spent a solid amount of time helping my friend, "Double D", decorate her first grade classroom this summer. Having absolutely no knowledge about teaching, I didn't realize how much work it was! However, we made the most of it and it turned out great. 

Spoiler alert: there is an "Elementary School Musical" video at the end of this post!

Be Yourself, Together.

I'm so excited to announce that I am partnering with Target for their Target Wedding campaign. Of course, just like everyone else, I am obsessed with Target. I make at least one trip a week there and search every section for new products while dreaming of purchasing everything I want for our house. Even though I am already married, it was so fun for me to create my dream Target Wedding registry. 

DIY knock off Taylor Swift glasses

Source: RED Album Art
As you have now heard, my friend and I got backstage and front row tickets at the Taylor Swift concert a couple of weeks ago. A girl's dream come true. One of the many things we can attribute this good fortune to was our outfits. I talked about our custom heat press shirts already, so today I'm going to show you our DIY knock off Taylor Swift cat eye glasses. 

No Spendtember: Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Second to our mortgage, the category that we spend the most money on every month is FOOD. There are only two of us, but we spend so much money on groceries and eating out every month. Like so much, it's almost embarrassing. 

How we got backstage & front row tickets at a Taylor Swift concert.

Today I'm going to tell you about one of the greatest days of my life. First, I have to admit that I'm almost 25 years old and still obsessed with Taylor Swift. Luckily, I have a friend, we'll call her Double D, who is equally obsessed. 
If you want to get backstage at a Taylor Swift concert, you have to get creative with your outfit; Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots won't cut it.  We used my heat press to create matching t-shirts with quotes from Taylor Swift and T-Pain's "Thug Story" rap video. We weren't really going into this expecting to get backstage, so we weren't nearly as dressed up as some of the younger girls, but apparently it worked. 

No Spendtember: How to make money while spending money.

Who wouldn't want to make money while spending money? Today I'm going to show you how. No joke.