Bangles, Bling & Arm Candy

I've been obsessing over bangles and arm candy lately. I recently discovered Kate Spade's hinged bangles, which I absolutely love because they can be more fitted to your wrists than standard round bangles.

Here are some examples of the bangle configurations I came up with out of my jewelry box: Juicy Couture gold and teal bangles, Burberry watch w/ silver Tiffany & Co. cuff, Marc Jacobs chain link mixed with different bold bracelets, Michael Kors watch with Kate Spade hinged bangles.
If I could go on a jewelry shopping spree right now, this is what would be in my cart: 

(I want this more than anything... it's only $5,500+ tax!)

Sorry if I just caused you to go spend a ton of money. I was just too in love with all of this not to share :)

Poetry by John

{This was just too funny not to share!}

I love you… (even though)
by John Richards
for Hilary Richards (my wife)

I love you…even though you stink,
I love you…even though you seldom blink…
But your rotting smells aside, and discounting your chronic dry-eye,
I cannot deny that I feel so high every time I say “I love you”.

I love you…even when you laugh…
Not to suggest that your laugh is a gaff…
But if other chuckles were gold, and your laughs were mold,
I would theoretically still love them AND you all to no end!

I love you, whether you’re PMSing or not…
Although…it seems oddly constant, considering what I’ve been taught?
But still when you smile, my throat fills with bile, and my heart throbs with an intensity akin to the gaseous palpitations of 1,000 burning stars.

I love you…just the way you are…
And I’d still love you, even if you had a bald head and a distinguishing facial scar.
Because you’re the world’s greatest gift, and I know others are miffed,
That you married someone well below your established rank in the traditional American intra-relational caste structure.