Happy Halloween!

I thought I'd write one last Halloween blog before all of my craft projects became irrelevant. 

Here are a few pictures I took today:

1) Ghost: John got creative one day and cut up our pillow cases to make ghosts. The point of its head is the corner of a pillow case, then he just used a Sharpie to draw the face. He built the body out of two wooden dowels tied together in a cross shape, then stuck a tennis ball on top as its head. The Boo! sign is just a scrap of paper he colored in and taped to the back of a toothpick. It is all being held up by a piece of Styrofoam that he painted black. 

2) And here he is dressed up as Clark Kent, aka Superman.

3 & 4) How cute are these! A lady at work brought these in for us today. I thought they were adorable.

Halloween Craft Part 3: Modge Podging Pumpkins

Tools: Modge Podge, Foam Brushes, Tissue Paper (solid color and patterned color), Plastic Pumpkin, Construction Paper, Scissors, Gorilla Glue.

1) Rip all your tissue paper into pieces a couple of inches wide (3" x 3"-ish)
2) Apply a thin coat of Modge Podge to the pumpkin and apply your pieces of solid-color tissue paper. This is just the base coat so it doesn't have to be perfect. 
3) Stop and take a picture with your BFF before her mom leaves and you have no one to take pictures of you :)
4) Apply your top layer. Don't worry about covering it in tons of glue, it will dry clear. 
5) Clearly, I got lazy and didn't go all the way to the top of the pumpkin. 
6) So I got creative and cut out strips of construction paper, then wrapped each one around a small wooden dowel to make it curl. I used Gorilla Glue to apply it to the top of my pumpkin. For some reason the program I used to create that beautiful 6-part collage wouldn't let me flip the last picture... so sorry, you can't totally see the final product. 

Lessons learned: Don't use a pattern that requires lines to match up. Solids or polka dots- anything that can look random- would probably work better!

My first Silhouette project!

All of my creations on display:

23rd Birthday Celebration

Well, I have finally reached the ripe ol' age of 23. As per usual, my birthday was spread out over a week long period. Here are some pics to show how much fun it was :)

Friday 10/14 6:20 am: My iPhone dreams came true that morning. I finally made the overdue switch from Blackberry to iPhone. I showed up at Verizon at 6:20 that morning and found my friend Whitney there by herself too (I know, we're cool). We were both thrilled to see each other so we didn't look like losers being there by ourselves. 

Friday 10/14 5:30 pm: To start off the main festivities, my BFF came to town from Sacramento and made me cookies (my FAVE!).

Wednesday 10/19 (The Big Day): I had to work all day on my actual birthday, but my fave bro-in-law brought me cupcakes and we had a lunch party at work. 

After work, we went to my Mom's and opened presents. John got me a Silhouette, but it hadn't shipped yet since it was just released, so he purchased 7 boxes of Alpha-Bits and taped a card to the boxes with a picture of my real present. I also got some UGG moccasins from my Mom, which I'm really excited about because I have been too cheap to buy them for myself!

Saturday 10/22: The Inaugural Hot Jamz October Dance Competition! John bought the new XBox Kinect game called Just Dance 2 and we danced the night away. You know you had a successful dance party when the recycling can is filled up with empty water bottles instead of booze at the end of the night. It got really intense.

Then at the end of the night it just turned into a real dance party with music guiding the moves instead of the video game.

Everyone better start practicing their moves for next year!

Let's Get to Work

Ever since I discovered Pinterest, I've been totally Pin-spired. I've spent hours upon hours on my iPad just searching the DIY section. Well, I finally decided to get off the couch and really start doing something. 

... and by "something" I mean spending hours upon hours at the craft store purchasing items to fill my "crafts-to-do" bin with. John set up this little area in our garage for all my craft stuff. There are closets behind it with shelves and boxes labeled for cardboard, vases, fabrics, paints, strings, etc. 

The desk still wasn't working though. I just kept shopping and never actually finishing a craft! (or at least enough crafts to make this all worth it). So then I decided that I needed a binder with all of the pictures on my DIY board from Pinterest printed out so I could organize the crafts into categories.

Categories include: cardboard, yarn, frames, paint chips, wall art, gift ideas, glitter, vases, spray paint and many more. Now all I have to do is look in my crafts-to-do bins, pull out a project and look in my Pinspiration binder to get a project started!

Let's get to work...

Greatest Day of My Life

Do you remember Alpha-Bits?? They slowly disappeared long ago, but my sister found out that they've been re-introduced. I WAS SO EXCITED! I ran to Target after work today and bought the only 4 boxes they had left, then ate a giant bowl for dinner.


Halloween Crafts: Part 2

I found these plastic Christmas ornaments while browsing Michael's the other day. I didn't know what I was going to do with them until I got home and realized A) I have a lot of extra paint left from my BOO sign project and B) Those sure look like pumpkins!

All it took was a couple coats of acrylic paint, a black sharpie, John's drawing capabilities, some left over spooky accessories and a glass bowl I had left over from the wedding. I plan on doing the same project in a couple of months with snowmen!

Halloween Crafts: Part 1

The other day I walked around Michael's Crafts for an hour and a half trying to think of a Halloween project to do. I ended up walking out with a ton of crap, which included 3 terra cotta pots and Halloween colored ribbon and paints. My intention was just to make the pots and spell B O O on each one, but I realized I would never be able to free-hand that. My instantly came up with a better idea... so I went back to the store and bought the wooden dowel and B O O letters.

Here is a picture of the tools you will need. Not included: Spooooooky accessories, Styrofoam and glue.

1. Paint the wooden dowel a color of your choice. Stick it in the styrofoam to dry.

2. Paint the B O O letters. Set aside to dry. 

3. Plan out how your color scheme is going to end up on the pots. I lucked out and didn't have any two colors end up with eachother, but it is something I realized I should have been more aware of from the beginning. 

4. Paint, paint, paint the pots until you've done 2-3 coats. Let dry. 

5. Glue the B O O letters onto the wooden dowels. I used Guerilla glue because I feel like no other glue can live up to it. 

6. Once the pots are dry, glue the sparkly ribbon onto the pot. 

7. Stick the letter-ed dowels into some Styrofoam at the bottom of the pot. 

8. Accessorize!

Life Goals

So I've secretly had this blog since 4/27/2008 and have most of my old posts hidden. I was just reading through them and found a really satisfying one that I've decided to re-post. 
This is from 1/1/2009 and is titled "Life Goals":
I hate New Years resolutions because they never work out, but here I go again...
1. Become a morning person & not stay up so late 
2. Take the GMAT: not necessarily apply go grad school, but at least take the test.
3. Go to the gym more often than once every 3 months
4. Move out / buy a house?? (i WISH)
5. Start full time at my job
6. Graduate college!!

I'm hoping now that it's in writing for the whole world to see, I might actually do something about these dreams of mine.

Do you know what's SO satisfying about this?? I met all those goals in 2009!
1. I was forced to become a morning person because by completing goal #5, I was forced to start waking up at 6:30 every morning.
2. Not only did I take the GMAT, but I also started my first semester of Grad School.
3. This is shocking, but I did go through a stage in the first part of 2009 where I worked out a lot right before graduating Undergrad. That didn't last long.
4. Not only did we move out, but we bought a house, which closed on my 21st birthday!
5. As stated in response #1- Done.
6. Graduated with a Bachelor's after 3 years

Ok. So now what?? I have no reason to go back to school, we finished fixing up the house, and honestly I'm not going to become a workout fanatic.

Pinterest = my new OBSESSION! I sit on the couch for hours on my iPad and just Pin, Pin, Pin. I have a whole craft section set up in my garage with supplies and plenty of stuff to craft with. My new goal is to post more about the crafts I do, but I'm not very creative so I'll probably be stealing most ideas from Pinterest.

On another note, the main reason I have this blog is so I can look back on our life years from now (like I did above). I can't live without setting major goals for myself, so here are some that I'm currently working on. I probably won't share with the world when we've reached these, but it's fun for me to keep myself on track!

1. Have car and college loans paid off by age 25
2. Have 6 digits in our savings account by age 25
3. Own a Louis Vuitton and therefore have at least 1 kid by 25 (I've set a rule that I can't have kids until I get a Louie because I know I'll never spend that much on a purse when I have kids)
4. Buy a bigger house by age 30
5. Be part of the highest joint income tax bracket by age 35
6. Own a legitimate business at some point in my life

... Clearly I'm a business major, right?? My goals are all about money and financial stability these days because I know how important that is in the long run. I don't ever want to have to worry about money, so I figured we might as well start early!

In the meantime...

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Lake Tahoe

A couple of weeks ago we planned a trip to Lake Tahoe to stay at our family's cabin and go rafting down the Truckee. My sister flew in and we were SUPER excited. Well, turns out rafting closed a week or so before we got there and it actually started raining that weekend. We ended up visiting Emerald Bay and then went shopping and to the movies. I've never really gambled before (I'm too financially responsible), but I wanted to play slots just to say I did. $5 down the drain after the first game and I was totally over that! 

Taylor Swift Concert

I bought Michelle tickets to see Taylor Swift for Christmas LAST YEAR, so we were beyond excited when we finally got to attend the concert in early September. Here are some pics of the most amazing concert we've ever been to. With all the set changes and stories being told, it was like a broadway musical.

 I can't wait until she goes on tour again so Michelle and I can go to a third TSwift concert!