My Easter Bunny brought me a pink blender. I love him :)

My friends Whitney & Alissa came over the other night and we made Easter eggs. We kind of sucked at it because dye kits these days have so many rules to follow, but some of them turned out cute!

Life's little lessons, learned the hard way.

John and I bought a house almost 2 years ago and have officially finished remodeling the minor details in each room. Here are some lessons we learned along the way.

1. Never paint a room Barney purple.

Don't ask why we thought this would be a good idea in the first place. We chose to re-paint with a calmer color and a matching Pottery Barn bedspread.

2. Don't use your carpet as a paint drop cloth until you have received a quote on how much the replacement carpet will be.

John and I decided last week that we were going to re-carpet our house. Before doing so, we decided to remodel our Master bedroom, which required a lot of paint. We figured that if we're getting new carpet anyway, we might as well avoid the hassle of putting plastic all over the floor. Um... yeah. The next day we got a quote for carpet and it was double what we thought it would be. Whoops. Too late now!

3. Don't rip out your bathroom vanity until you have confirmed that normal home improvement stores sell the size you are looking for.

Turns out the builders used kitchen cabinets as the base of our downstairs bathroom vanity. One day we just got the urge to rip out the whole bathroom, then go shopping for replacement pieces. Yeah, don't do that. We had to put down new floor tiles to cover up the spots where the new vanity doesn't cover and even though you can't tell by looking at it, it's really ghetto.

4. Stool + Vacuum Hose + Duct Tape + Broom = Not a long term solution

We have really super tall vaulted ceilings in our house, as well as lots of spiders. No matter where the spider is, if I see it, it dies. This is the concoction John had to make one day to kill a spider in the highest part of our house.

5. Don't buy another dog just to keep the first one company.

Although we love Big Mo, we probably could have done without. During his puppy teething phase, I'm pretty sure he chewed at least one piece of every household fixture: corners of the walls, carpet, stair banister, floorboards, cabinets, etc. And after all this, I'm pretty sure Fifi is annoyed that she has to share the attention and wishes he didn't exist. This is one decision I'm happy we made in the long run. (He's not very photogenic...)

Wedding: Invitations

I don't mean to spill all the surprise details of my wedding on this blog, but I just had to take a picture of these. John and I are so proud! We designed all the formatting ourselves, then found double layered white card stock with a silver layer. Then we cut out a whole bunch of rectangles from pink shimmery card stock and used some roll-out double sided sticky tape to attach them. They were exactly what I was picturing, I'm so happy :)

Since I'm on this subject, I think I'll take this time to explain that a lot of people who should be invited to our wedding, unfortunately won't be. It's a really touchy subject for me because of how many important people I have to leave out of our special day, but in the long run I don't really have a choice. If anyone has ever planned a wedding, you know how quickly it adds up and the number one way to maintain a budget is to stick to a certain guest count. With the package we have at our venue, we are limited to 100 people and that pretty much accounts for strictly our family members (John has a HUGE family) and just a few close friends. If we invite even a couple people over our allotted guest count, our fees go up about $8,000 on top of what we're already paying... and that's how I'm justifying leaving people out. So hopefully people understand and I'll try to include them in pre-wedding-related events.

76 days!

Frame Frenzy

Once I decided we were going to incorporate gold frames on every table at the wedding, John and I went on a frame hunt. We ended up with 23 frames, which is 14 more than I was planning on purchasing, but oh well. The colorful ones on the left are to put somewhere in our house and gold ones on the right are for the wedding. Cute, yeah?

Wedding: Table Decor

I finally made a decision on my table settings.

Gold Chiavari chairs with a magenta table cloth, tall centerpieces with pink flowers and a gold frame to hold the table number.


I realized that I haven't introduced our dogs on this blog yet. We have a 20 pound pug named M.O.D.O.K. and a 5 pound Chihuahua named Fifi {who totally owns him}. M.O.D.O.K. is a character from Marvel Comics and stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. We changed it up a little for our version of Modok- Mental Organism Designed Only for KISSES. Look at this beast... a face only a mother could love.

See the resemblance?

He actually is pretty cute though sometimes.

Fifi's blog to follow...